Please read the information under About Studentergården if you consider applying.

It is not easy to get a room at Studentergården, as we receive more applications than there are rooms available. Rooms are normally available only for students staying in Denmark for a longer period, and we do not have rooms available for a few days or a couple of weeks.

Exchange student or studying abroad? 

As a new initiative students from other countries than Denmark can apply for a room at Studentergården without contacting the international office. However, you must meet the following requirements: 

- requirements of minimum a 1 year stay

- be enrolled at a higher university

- to have graduated a minimum 60 ECTS points  

To apply, please write a motivated application in which you show us, who you are, what you imagine staying at a dorm like Studentergården would be, and why you would like to live here. Also, please write your practicalities on when and for how long you would be able to stay, as well as a photo and study documentation that state the above requirements is needed.

Please note
1) that any applications that we receive earlier than 3 weeks before application deadline will not be taken into account! 
2) the deadlines for application are only twice a year, March 1st and October 1st, and 
3) if you are accepted into the dormitory, there is usually a 3-8 months waiting time before you are actually assigned a room.

The monthly rent is 2300 dkkr. 

If you applied for the October admission round, you should now have received your reply. Please make sure your email has not ended in your spam mail. 

 Applications are uploaded through the following portal.