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Hjem » Studentergården’s alumni association

Studentergården’s alumni association

“Gårdboersamfundet” is the association for former brothers and sisters of Studentergården. Gårdboersamfundet holds a number of different events for former and current residents and also participates in the daily life at Studentergården by handing out scholarships and providing financial support for major projects such as purchasing candles for our exercise room, “Bøfkælderen”, or publishing anniversary publications.

Gårdboersamfundet has organized a number of different events in collaboration with Gårdstyret, eforen and the residents of Studentergården. In the last couple of years, the events include:

– A storytelling evening with former residents
– An evening of song (with songs from Studentergården’s own songbook)
– Tasting of Danish wines
– Chamber music concert
– Author evenings

Every year, the Gårdboersamfundet awards 5 scholarships to residents who have made a special contribution to Studentergården. The scholarships are awarded during Studentergården’s traditional annual party in October. On the same occasion, Gårdboersamfundet awards the evening’s best entertainment feature with DKK 500.

There are two types of memberships of our Gårdboersamfund. Former residents have the opportunity to become lifelong members by paying the sum of the rent in force at any given time (currently 2300 kr.). A regular membership is acquired for 5 years at a time and costs a membership fee of DKK 500 kr. The members of the Gårdboersamfund receive news about life at Studentergården and stories from the old days, just as all members are invited to the annual party and other events. All old brothers and sisters of Studentergården can become members by filling out this form and transferring the chosen membership fee to 5322-0248561.

Gifts are welcome and will only be used for scholarships and other forms of support for Studentergården’s residents.

The board of the alumni association
The board is elected annually for Studentergårdens Årsfest. In addition, our efor and a current resident are also members of the board.

The foreperson and the rest of the board can be contacted at You can also follow Gårdboersamfundet on facebook.